Mission Statement

Anesthesia Associates of Kansas City, P.C., exists to provide quality medical care with an emphasis of preoperative care, anesthesia, pain management, critical care, administrative and medical consulting services. 

Our goal is to provide timely, cost efficient and appropriate services to patients, payors, hospital and medical staff with an emphasis on value and satisfaction.  We will continually review and develop opportunities to expand our market both clinically and through corporate services. 

The members of our organization dedicate themselves to the following key principles:
  • Service and Professional Excellence:

    Our staff will strive for clinical excellence and demonstrate integrity. 
  • Group Focus:

    While we will seek to balance the needs of the individual, the sub-specialty/regional location and the entire organization, we recognize that our personal and sub-specialty/regional success is tied to the success of the entire organization.  Therefore, we recognize that the good of the entire organization comes first and establish this as the foundation for all decisions and strategies.
  • Involvement:

    Our staff will support efforts to become key components of any society, organization or system which expands the influence of our organization. 
  • Satisfaction:

    Our services will be provided in an ethical and progressive manner that enables all AAKC personnel to thrive professionally and personally.