Billing/Financial Information

Frequently Asked Billing Questions

Q: What is the best way for me to pay my medical bills?

A:  When making medical payment decision, make sure you know:

  • The total costs   
  • What your insurance will cover   
  • What you will have to pay out of pocket   
  • What method of payment the hospital accepts   
  • If you or your hospital or physician’s office staff will be completing insurance forms


Q:   What is a deductible? What is a co payment?

A:   A deductible is the initial amount of “covered” health costs that you pay before your insurance plan begins reimbursement.  A deductible is usually a set dollar amount such as $250, $500, $1000 or $1500.

A co-payment is the portion of your health care expenses not covered by insurance.  A co-payment is usually a percentage figure, like 10% or 20%.  

For example, on a $500 bill, your deductible (defined by your benefit plan) might be $150, so you would have to pay the $150.  This leaves a balance of $350.  Of that $350, your co payment might be 20%, meaning you will have to pay an additional $70.   Your insurance company will pay the remaining $280.  


Q: Who is responsible for paying my bill?

A:  The billing office will bill your insurance company directly.  You are ultimately responsible for making certain that your bill is paid.  If a balance remains after your insurance has issued a payment or a denial, payment is due immediately upon receipt of your statement.   


Q:  How do I pay my balance?

A:  You make a payment by phone using a major credit or debit card.  Unfortunately at this time, we are unable to process checks by phone.  To make a payment please call Customer Service at 913-428-2920.  Payment can also be processed on our website.


Q:  Can I get a copy of my medical records from you?

A: Please contact the facility where the procedure was performed or your primary care physician to obtain your medical records.


Q:  I gave my insurance information at the time of service, so why am I still getting bills requesting insurance information.

A: Anesthesia providers bill separately from the hospital’s facility fees. Sometimes this information can be obtained from the hospital; however, many times there may be a request from you directly to provide accurate information. There is a place provided on the back of your bill for insurance information, which can be mailed, faxed or emailed to Anesthesia Associates of Kansas City.


Q:  My explanation of benefits states that I am not responsible for the amount showing on my bill, why am I being billed this additional amount?

A: It could be an issue where we are not contracted with your insurance company, but the only way to be clear is for us to review your explanation of benefits.  Please call Customer Service at 913-428-2920 for the details.


Q:   Why am I being billed for two anesthesia providers when I only had one in the room with me?

A: An anesthesia care team is when one provider is the anesthesiologist and the other is a certified registered nurse anesthetist. Both the anesthesiologist and CRNA shared in caring for the patient, allowing both to bill for their services. In the event that your insurance company requests billing under both provider names, the total sum is not greater than if the entire bill was submitted in just the name of the anesthesiologist or the CRNA.


Q: Why is my insurance participating with the facility, but not with the anesthesiologist?

A: Anesthesia groups bill separately from the facility. You may file an appeal with your insurance carrier for additional payments on your account, and in some cases we may file the appeal on your behalf.


Q: Why did my insurance not pay more on the claim?

A: You will need to discuss that matter with your insurance company. We are billing what the insurance company has advised based on your insurance policy.