Patient Financial Responsibility Policy

Anesthesia Associates of Kansas City


AAKC’s billing office receives insurance information that the patient provided to the facility where the services were performed.   Verification of the insurance status is processed.  If the insurance is active, this is the information used to file Insurances claims electronically.   Our office receives acknowledgment from the carrier upon receipt of the claim.  If the insurance has acknowledged receipt of claim, we will not resubmit a claim.   The insurance carrier can retrieve the claim from their system for reprocessing.

If the insurance is found to be inactive, our staff will attempt to contact you for correct insurance information.   If valid insurance is not provided, the account will become the patient’s responsibility for payment.    The patient will begin to receive statements on the account.

Once the claim has been processed by your insurance, a statement will be sent to you for any balance designated as your responsibility by the insurance carrier.   The balance is due upon receipt of the statement.   Payment in full should be made within 30 days of receipt of the statement.

If you question your insurance benefits or the application of your insurance benefits, please call your insurance carrier for clarification.
We will bill secondary insurances for you.  Any coordination of benefit issues must be resolved by you.  

Self Pay

All services not covered by an insurance are billed to the patient after the services have been provided.  The account is due upon receipt of the statement.  If payment in full is not possible, the patient is responsible for contacting Customer Service at 913-428-2920 regarding payment.